During the past week Horonuku has been back at Emirates Team New Zealand HQ, being broken down, checked over, cleaned, polished, prepped and packed into a container to ship west to South Australia.

Packing Up, Aussie Bound

It isnt just Horonuku being packed up for the Lake Gairdner location of the World record attempt. The pack up is a project in self suffiency to be based at a remote location over 500km and 6 hours North West from Adelaide as Sean Regan explains, “The key thing is to make sure we are completely self-sufficient when we get there, so there is a lot to it. You take for granted that if you forget something you just pop down the road to grab it. Well, you have none of that at Lake Gairdner.”

After many America’s Cup’s campaigns, TP52 events and a Volvo Ocean Race, Emirates Team New Zealand is well practiced in self sufficiency on the road. With containers that turn into offices, workshops and every element needed for the job. From the smallest nuts and bolts to carbon composite materials, welding equipment, generators and more specifically in Horonuku’s case, full tyre changing and balancing machines. “We pride ourselves on our ability to be ready and ship shape to go and be fully self sufficient so this one is just a little bit extra to make sure we can cope with any of the demands from the project when we get to Australia.”

Once on the ground at Lake Gairdner, the workshop and base will be situated a few hundred metres away from the lake edge so Horonuku will need to be transfered to and from the salt each day. The custom built Futura Trailer has been created with this in mind, but also for effective shipping across the Tasman.

“We have this awesome trailer that we have had made up, which is specifically designed to fit the vast majority of the landspeed craft on to it. This will make life easy getting the craft between the base and the lake as well as an efficient solution that we can wheel perfectly into a container here in Auckland and then when we get to the other end, we just hook up a Hilux ute and tow it out ready to start putting together.” explained Regan.

The container doors are now shut, and the shipping of Horonuku is another step closer to the world record attempt. The next time the container doors are opened it will be by an excited Glenn Ashby breaking the lock getting ready to let her fly.