One of the most highly anticipated occasions during each campaign for both Emirates Team New Zealand and its key suppliers was held at the team base in Auckland last night. The teams official suppliers function, is where the team have the opportunity to thank the suppliers for their support and update them on where the team is at in the overall programme.

 Emirates Team New Zealand, the one of two commercially funded sailing teams in this America’s Cup simply could not exist without the support of over 70 official suppliers, a number of whom have been alongside the team for decades, others have recently joined the team for this campaign, yet what they all have in common is to be a selected group of companies that provide high quality products and services, not only in the marine sector, but across a diverse range of industries.

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton explains the special place the suppliers all hold as part of the team, “The support of our suppliers it’s not just a matter of saving costs.”

“We have never and will never be able to compete financially with the huge budgets that the other teams have at their disposal. So for us, it is the suppliers that can offer us not only product but expertise in their fields which add up to something special about this team.”

“We are a big family that share the same values and work together for a common goal. Often as small businesses trying to take on the world from New Zealand, they understand exactly how we need to be creative and bold in trying to beat the multi national Goliaths abroad- they identify with the no.8 wire approach.” 

“The suppliers definitely understand the massive opportunity that bringing the Cup back to New Zealand would mean, but it’s not only the business that drives them.”

Dalton concluded, “Perhaps most importantly, it is their support and belief that is of huge significance to us as a team also. They believe in what we are all working so hard toward and by becoming a team supplier they put a piece of their business and support behind us 100%.”

The entire team attended the event as they wanted to meet in person those who are helping in making the 35th America’s Cup challenge possible. Suppliers had the chance to get up close and better understand how the revolutionary flying machines work, as well as the opportunity to network with each other and create some valuable B2B opportunities.

Emirates Team New Zealand official suppliers are not only from New Zealand but are based in different countries such as Australia, Italy, The Nederlands and USA.



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